Swift provides long term strategic financial planning that is aimed at not only investing your accumulated wealth, but accelerating your active income sources

Our planning philosophy involves the following critical elements:

  • Fee for service – In most cases we charge a set fee for the strategic planning we do for you. We focus on proven investment vehicles that do not pay adviser commissions.
  • We develop long term, 10-year-plus, strategic investment plans that focus on diversification, academic research and the lowest possible fees to maximise your returns.
  • We produce plans that not only invest your current money, but help you earn more, save more and build wealth from educated personal financial management.
  • We develop investment strategy first, and select 'products' second.
  • We are completely independent from the influence of banks, large investment companies or investment platform providers. This means that our available investments are not dictated to us by a bank that owns us. Our business model is built from the ground up to give you access to the best possible investments at any moment in time and to keep our fees for service at the lowest possible levels.