Strategic Investments

Traditionally investment managers have strived to beat the market by assessing individual companies and markets then selecting stocks that they feel are undervalued at a given moment in time. Historical research has shown they rarely succeed. Studies have shown less than 10% of active investment managers consistently outperform the market over the long term. After management fees are taken into account that figure falls to less than 1%.

Equity markets throughout the world have a long history of rewarding investors for the capital they provide. Allocating funds to the sectors of a market that offer superior long-term risk and return characteristics is shown to be the most successful way to capture higher returns.

At Swift we construct investment portfolios based on low fees and diversification of asset classes, sectors and geographical locations. We manage the elements that are within our control such as fees and asset class allocations. We don’t pretend to be able to control elements that are beyond our control, such as individual companies or market performance.

Our portfolios are characterised by:

  • Low advisor fees
  • Low investment platform fees
  • Low fund manager fees
  • Highly diversified investment selections
  • Low volatility
  • Extensive academic research into market characteristics
  • Superior long term performance

More on Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy provides you with the framework for making smart investment decisions that will lead you to ultimately achieving your financial goals. This framework will provide you with greater peace of mind and help balance investment risk and reward, whilst maintaining investment discipline.

Drawing on over 50 years of research from the world’s most highly respected academics, including a number of Nobel Prize winners, and many years of professional experience, we have developed the following philosophy.

Investing is not about speculation or predicting the future.  It is about:

  • Understanding the returns and risk offered by each asset and asset class
  • Accessing investment risks that are likely to be rewarded
  • Gaining the benefits of increased diversification and portfolio re-balancing
  • Constructing portfolios based on the latest academic research not market hype
  • Pursuing strategies with a high probability of success
  • Delivering reliable results aimed at achieving your own personal goals
  • Acknowledging asset prices are volatile at times and that is normal
  • Ensuring you achieve low investment costs and low taxes